The Need

After 20 years bowhunting from a tree...

How we got here

After spending over 20 years outfitting and bowhunting from a tree stand throughout the Midwest, I saw the need for major improvements in the sectional ladder stick market. The fire was lit when I learned one afternoon that a client of mine had just fallen from a tree due to the poor design of a “market leader’s” ladder stick. The ladder stick he was climbing on wasn’t designed properly and didn’t adhere to the tree like it should have. The bottom end of the stick slipped out away from the tree when he reached and grabbed it from below.

I set out to make the perfect climbing stick

The next day I set out to make the perfect climbing stick. It had to be lighter, quieter, easier to STACK, and most importantly they needed to grip the tree and be safe to use.


After nearly 4 years of design and testing of many different ideas, we’ve developed the best climbing aid on the market.

I wanted a ladder stick that met industry standards recognized by TMA, the Treestand Manufacturers Association

They have

I wanted a set of sticks that nested together as easily as red solo cups

They Do!

I didn’t want the sticks to make noise when I carried them in the woods

They Don’t!

I wanted ’em to stick to the tree like glue

They Do!

I wanted more surface area for my big winter boots to stand on

They provide that

I didn’t want my sticks to squeak when I used ’em

They’re silent while climbing

I wanted the sticks to be eye catching

They look tough, and they are

Upgrade your hunt with a set of 4 FusionLite Sticks today