Climbing Sticks

The patent-pending Stacked Climbing Ladder Sticks from Stacked Outdoors are the most revolutionary climbing aid on the market. They’re fast, quiet, super solid on the tree, and they stack like red solo cups. With their light-weight, compact, vertical nesting design, and the shoulder strap that’s included, you’ll forget you’re carrying them. The non-metal construction material allows these sticks to grab the tree and hold on unlike the metal sticks of yesterday. There are no bolts or screws to come loose thanks to the ingenious one-piece design. They meet TMA safety standards and were subjected to testing far beyond the industry standard.

Stacked Outdoors

After spending over 20 years outfitting and bow hunting from a tree stand throughout the Midwest, I saw the need for major improvements in the sectional ladder stick market. The fire was lit when I learned one afternoon that a client of mine had just fallen from a tree due to the poor design of a “market leader’s” ladder stick. The ladder stick he was climbing on wasn’t designed properly and didn’t adhere to the tree like it should have. The bottom end of the stick slipped out away from the tree when he reached and grabbed it from below.

Treehopper Climbing Belt

The Treehopper Climbing Belt was designed to use as a climbing belt that allows hands free installation of hang-on tree stands and steps. May be used on trees up to 28” in diameter. The Treehopper Climbing Belt was also designed to be used as a safety belt that allows quick and easy adjustability along with high strength. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, the Treehopper Climbing Belt is manufactured to exacting standards by craftsman in the good’ol USA.

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