Single Ladder Stick


The patent-pending Stacked Ladder Sticks from Stacked Outdoors are the most revolutionary climbing aids on the market. They’re fast, quiet, super solid on the tree, and stack together like red solo cups. With their light-weight, compact, vertical nesting design, and the shoulder strap that’s included, you’ll forget you’re carrying them. The non-metal construction material allows these sticks to grab the tree and hold-on unlike the metal sticks of yesterday. There are no bolts or screws to break or come loose and no weld joints to fail. This product meets and surpasses industry standards recognized by TMA (Treestand Manufacturers Association).


Shoulder Strap Not Included

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  • Longer tree straps than our competitors
  • Tree straps include large hand loop for easier grip and tightening
  • Weighs 2.35 pounds
  • 21″ long
  • 17 ¼” step to step distance
  • Heavy duty cambuckle and polyester strap
  • Constructed of a fiber reinforced custom polymer
  • Weight limit 300 pounds
  • Meets industry standards recognized by TMA (Treestand Manufacturers Association)
  • Patent Pending